New service added for mastitis!

Breastfeeding for some mothers can have its challenges. Sometimes there are bumps in the road, such as a blocked milk duct. If not treated promptly and appropriately, a blocked milk duct can progress into mastitis, which is an infection in the breast tissue. There are some great conservative methods to deal with it, such as applying heat, massaging the area, and pumping to fully drain the breast. If the blockage does not resolve within a day or two, therapeutic ultrasound may be the answer.

The heating effect of the ultrasound waves help to relax the tissue around the clog, and the mechanical action helps break it up. Kristine Mace, physical therapist at OBGYN Specialists, will assure you are comfortable while lying on your back and will apply a warm gel to your affected area. The ultrasound is moved gently around the area for 5-10 minutes and the treatment is complete. Patients usually only need a few sessions.

If your blocked milk duct does not resolve with other conservative measures, ask your provider about physical therapy and therapeutic ultrasound! This service is typically not billable to insurance, and the cost is $50 for the first session. Please call us at 319-363-2682 to schedule!


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