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About Cedar Rapids Ob Gyn Specialists

At Cedar Rapids Ob Gyn Specialists, we understand that making the right women’s health care decisions can be daunting. When selecting your obstetrician gynecologist, you want the right mix of experience, training, patience, kindness, and compassion. You want to feel a sense of trust, and the confidence you are receiving the best care available. You want to be treated like more than just another patient, but with respect as a person.

Personalized Obstetric and Gynecologic Care

As you navigate through the maze of choices and options, you need to find the perfect fit for your gynecological or obstetrical needs. What is right for one woman may not be the best choice for you.

Cedar Rapids Ob Gyn Specialists will partner with you to develop a complete course of care, addressing the many phases of health care you will encounter during your lifetime. From initial exams, to childbirth, to breast exams, to menopause, our ultimate goal is to build a lasting doctor/patient relationship that promotes trust as well as your health as a woman.

Meet our Exceptional Ob Gyn Providers

Get to know us. On our site, you will find information you should know about each of us, not only as health care providers, but also as people. You will also find a listing of the many services we provide our patients.

Welcome to Cedar Rapids Ob Gyn Specialists. You’ve taken the first step in successfully managing your health!

Our Philosophy

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When it comes to managing your health as a woman, we completely understand that it’s a private and sensitive matter. Our goal is to provide you with not only the best in health care with the most up-to-date training and medical equipment available, but the most sensitive and compassionate health care as well.

We are here to help guide you through the many phases of health care you will need throughout your lifetime. From preventative to maintenance, our professional and caring staff will be there every step of the way.

Cedar Rapids Ob Gyn Specialists is very proud of our skilled team of nurses, serving in all different capacities. Our nurses are very knowledgeable in answering your questions and in assisting our physicians.

Questions are encouraged. No one knows your body as well as you do and we want to hear what you have to say.


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