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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: What You Should Know

Do you frequently need to urinate or do you strain to have a bowel movement? Maybe you feel constipated or leak urine or feces, and sometimes have lower back pain with no known cause. All of these issues may be due to pelvic floor muscle issues. Pelvic floor physical therapy might relieve some of these symptoms.

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Fee for No Shows will be changing

Please be aware that the fee for not showing up for your scheduled appointment, or cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will be $50 effective 7/14/23. This will not be billable to insurance.  For uninsured patients, or patients wishing to schedule an appointment for a non-covered service, such as fertility services, you will be required to prepay $50 to schedule an appointment.  This $50 will be put towards your balance owed, or may be refunded if you cancel your appointment with greater than 24 hours notice.  Please do not hesitate to ask our billing team if you have any questions.


In recognition of the 4th of July holiday we will be closed Tuesday July 4.  We will be open regular business hours on July 3rd and July 5th. Thank you!

Fibroids: Myths vs Facts

There are many misconceptions about fibroids making it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Let’s start with the facts. One half of American women will develop fibroids by age 50. You are 3 times more likely to develop fibroids if your mother or grandmother had them. African American women are 3 times more likely to get them versus Caucasian women. Now let’s debunk myths you may have heard.

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How Annual Well-Woman Exams Help You Live Better And Longer

We’ve all been there. We know it’s time for our annual gynecology appointment, but we feel just fine. We have no issues, our period is right on time and seems normal. No complaints, so why take the time to go through another doctor appointment? Let’s explore the serious reasons of how annual well-woman exams help you live better and longer.

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Starting Oct 4, 2022 Mercy Hospital will be starting a construction project that is expected to last a few weeks and to impact the flow of traffic on 8th Ave.  This is in addition to many other construction projects starting downtown.  Please plan accordingly for your appointments and Drive Safe!

Updated Ultrasound Policy

The safety of our patients and their families are of the upmost importance to us at Cedar Rapids OBGYN Specialists.  With this in mind, we have updated our ultrasound guest policy and will no longer be allowing any children under the age of 14 into the ultrasound rooms.  The only exception is a baby small enough to be strapped into a car seat at all times.  Staff will not be able to babysit and children will not be allowed to remain unsupervised in the lobby.  This applies to the ultrasound rooms only. Children are allowed in all other areas of the clinic. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank you for understanding.


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