Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy in Cedar Rapids, IA

Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Cedar Rapids OB/Gyn Specialists now provides “Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy” or better yet – “Women’s Health Physical Therapy”.  This is a whole-body approach to evaluating conditions women of all ages experience from a physical therapy perspective.  This involves looking at strength, mobility, coordination, endurance, and how it all fits together with the pelvic area. Patients receive a thorough evaluation and assessment to better understand the factors contributing to their condition.  We will also determine a comprehensive treatment plan to address all concerns. Call (319) 363-2682 to schedule an appointment at our Ob Gyn clinic in Cedar Rapids, IA today!

Physical therapists often receive referrals from family or specialty physicians that have already evaluated the patient and determined a diagnosis.  Patients then come to the clinic to be seen by a specialized physical therapist for that specific diagnosis.  Iowa also has “direct access” for physical therapy as a specialty field.  That means that patients are allowed to go directly to a physical therapist without a doctor’s referral.  Patients should always check with their insurance company, however, to verify that their policy allows payment for direct access to physical therapy visits.

What Pelvic Conditions Can Be Treated with Physical Therapy?

Pelvic conditions can arise at any time throughout one’s life and can have a multitude of causes.  They can develop slowly over time or be the result of injury, trauma, surgery, or childbirth.  Conditions treated at Cedar Rapids OB/Gyn Specialists, PC physical therapy include:

  • pelvic pain
  • vaginismus
  • dyspareunia
  • incontinence
  • vulvodynia
  • coccyx pain
  • low back pain
  • sciatica
  • interstitial cystitis / bladder pain syndrome
  • pre / post-partum care
  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • Diastasis Recti

Meet our Physical Therapist!

Kristine Mace, PT has been practicing for 27 years.  She has practiced in a variety of settings including the outpatient clinic and the hospital.  She has the unique perspective of being a wife, mother of 4, stepmother to 2, and grandmother to 5, as well as a physical therapist.  She understands the challenges busy moms face, as well as the changes women experience through their lives.

Kristine treats patients like she would like to be treated.  She takes time to understand the patient’s current condition, why it developed, and how it can be prevented in the future.  It is a private one-on-one session where the focus is on you, the patient.  Treatment sessions are usually 30 – 60 min in length.

What to Expect During Physical Therapy

After an initial evaluation, we will determine an optimal treatment plan designed specifically for the patient.  We have a variety of treatments available including biofeedback, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, pelvic muscle strengthening, and education / helpful tips.  It is important to remember that it is never too late to seek the help of a pelvic floor physical therapist.  Physical therapy is among the more conservative treatment options, but sometimes more in-depth treatments are necessary.  Patients have both conservative treatment options and surgical options available all at one convenient location.

At Cedar Rapids OB/Gyn Specialists, PC, women are our focus.  We see women of all ages and with a variety of conditions.  Our physical therapy program was designed so that patients can transition from one specialist to the other all under the same roof.  This makes coordination of care and collaboration of the treatment team seamless.  It is our goal to provide every woman with compassionate knowledgeable care.

Patients should dress in comfortable clothing and are welcome to bring along a friend or family member. Treatment starts with a comprehensive initial evaluation.  Patients will relate their medical history, as well as the history of their current condition.  Kristine will take time to look at the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular aspects, as well as the pelvic floor.  An internal pelvic examination is sometimes appropriate for the condition, but not a requirement. The evaluation is private and respectful with the patient’s comfort as a priority.  From there, Kristine will work with the patient to determine a treatment plan. The typical course of physical therapy is usually 1x/week for 4 – 8 weeks. Treatment frequency can decrease as treatment gets further along. Attendance at each visit is essential to the success of the treatment plan.

Schedule An Appointment!

If you are considering physical therapy for your pelvic condition, contact Cedar Rapids OB/Ggyn today! Our highly trained physical therapist has extensive experience providing care to women throughout the Cedar Rapids area. (319) 363-2682 to schedule an appointment at our office today!

Physical Therapy Products Now Available!

Cedar Rapids OB/Gyn Specialists, PC now offers some of our recommended products for sale right here at the clinic for the patient’s convenience.

We supply:

  • maternity supports
  • maternity belts
  • SI joint belts
  • vaginal dilators
  • kegal weights
  • probiotics
  • carpal tunnel wrist splints
  • compression hose
    • sock-aid
  • internal massagers
  • probiotics
  • prenatal vitamins
Not only can patients purchase the products, but they can ask questions of their providers at the same time.

What Patients are Saying


“I first met with Kristine Mace, PT with occasional incontinence, prolapse, knee, and poor posture complaints.  (76 years of gravity and just using my body are starting to take their toll.)

I had already started doing Kegel exercises, but needed guidance.  She educated me on bladder irritants, checked how I was doing the Kegel exercises, discovered that I also had scoliosis.  She gave me six stretches to do.  I returned seven days later to make sure I was doing them correctly.  I was indeed and continued for a month with WONDERFUL results.  A month later I returned and she dismissed me, with the recommendation that I see an Orthopedic Doctor to fully evaluate my knee situation.

At the moment I am doing the regimen twice a day and do not feel that I need pelvic or knee surgery and am grateful.  I have another appointment with Dr. Bourgeous to fully evaluate my pessary and the situation.  I strongly encourage others to consult Kristine for their Physical Therapy needs!”


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