Traveling During Pregnancy

You feel great. You're energized and looking forward to a last getaway before baby's arrival. Caution and common sense will help ensure your trip as a memory maker.

Guidelines for comfort and well being while away from home:

  • Get permission from your Doctor—With an uncomplicated pregnancy, most physicians approve of second trimester travel.
  • Plan for relaxation—Don't make elaborate plans leading to stress and over-exertion. Plan an itinerary that allows rest and renewal.
  • Eat well—Bring nutritious snacks and fluids—try not to skip meals, wash fruits and vegetables well, and avoid unfamiliar foods.
  • Try to stay well hydrated. Drink bottled water, about a glass an hour. Avoid sodas and caffeinated drinks. Don't forget a good supply of your prenatal vitamins.
  • Airline Approval—If flying to your destination, check with the airline about travel close to the third trimester. Most carriers refuse boarding after 34-36 weeks.
  • Stay mobile—Whether flying or driving, allow for time to move around to promote circulation and reduce swelling. Walking and stretching every two hours is best for overall comfort.
  • Dress appropriately. Comfortable, loose clothes are a necessity. Low heeled shoes and support hose will do your legs a favor.
  • Plan for surprises—Due dates are educated guesses. Take a short version of your medical history with you. Find the location of the closest hospital or health care provider.
  • No Go Destinations—Avoid locations that may cause risk to you and baby. Some developing countries may require immunizations that are hazardous during pregnancy. Some medications for intestinal upsets should be avoided. Check with your Doctor regarding safety issues or change vacation plans to minimize. risk.